About the work

Marc McNulty and I worked collaboratively to explore space, sound and light as it impacts the human body, mind, and emotions.Above Within Belowwas inspired by our ongoing collection of written and recorded accounts from people who have experienced natural disasters, or witnessed odd meteorological phenomena. We transformed the inside of a garden shed with an installation which combined diffused colored light and tactile sound. Marc’s composition pushed sound to its highest and lowest audible limits. As the color and light intensity varied in the space, revealing then hiding the modified clapboard structure, one’s perception of depth, height, time, and place was compromised.

The visitor reactions are perhaps the best documentation of this particular effort

“Cardon+McNulty’s [installation] had the quality of movement that made me feel I was in the hull of a ship. I literally felt motion and its attendant queasiness. My experience was that of establishing my sea legs and, upon leaving, gratitude for the freedom of movement I take for granted in my everyday awareness.”

“This was an ultimate experience in death meditation — thanks to my mind in conjunction with the artists. Well done.”